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As anywhere else in the world, the COVID-19 pandemic significantly challenged the health care service delivery system where the pronouncement of national lockdowns led to disruptions in access to health services amounting to poor health outcomes.

This global pandemic continues to have a serious impact on many people, including cancer patients, their families, and caregivers. Health care providers continue to adjust their recommendations as the number of COVID-19 cases changes in different parts of the country.

Individuals with cancer, particularly those who are receiving systemic anticancer treatments, have been postulated to be at increased risk of mortality from COVID-19 because their immune systems can be weakened by cancer and its treatments. 

The first COVID-19 case in Rwanda was confirmed on March 14th 2020 leading to a national lock-down a week later to prevent COVID-19 spread. In consequence, the lockdown disrupted and led to immediate cessation of key social, economic, education activities. Majorly, the cessation of public transport had immediate and nation-wide repercussions including a significant limitation for patients to access health facilities. For cancer patients treated at Rwanda Cancer Center, routine follow-up visits, access to diagnostic and treatment services was also hard.

Speaking to Lt Col Dr Pacifique Mugenzi, the director of Rwanda Cancer Center he said the center hasn’t stopped working due to COVID19 doctors and nurses came to work every day, it was hard for some patients to access the center due to lockdown but somehow they managed to arrive and none of them missed treatment. He also said according to his knowledge no cancer patient they were following contracted the COVID19 virus this was due to the preventive measures put in place inside the center such as hand washing facilities at the entrance of the center, availing sanitizers inside the center and observing physical distancing between patients.

All patients followed at the center are also regularly monitored for COVID19 related symptoms and if anyone found with symptoms is immediately tested for COVID19.