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31 RDF medical students enrolled in RDF Medical School at Gako have been in Rwanda Military hospital for the last 3 weeks receiving basic practical healthcare training.

These students who are in the 3rd year of medical school had been receiving theoretical knowledge appropriate to their level but had never had any hands on practice, it is in that regard that they were brought to the hospital to get familiarized with hospital environment and learn basic skills on patient management.

Speaking to Rtd Capt Marcellin Sebagaho, the training coordinator at RMH he said that this training was of a paramount importance to these students as it familiarized them with their future career, “many of them had never even seen a serious wound and it helped them to face their fear and be ready to become future medical practitioners” noted Rtd Capt Marcellin.

During 3 weeks these students were trained in basic nursing, Foley catheter placement, nasal gastric, wound care, Basic Life Support, advanced first aid, suturing techniques, infection prevention and control, COVID19 testing, vital signs check and more basic healthcare techniques.

These students will return to their medical school and will be returning when they start their internships to receive advanced training as future health practitioners.

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