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Rwanda Military hospital has been offering occupational therapy services helping patient with different kind of physical and mental problems

This treatment has been introduced at RMH since 4 years, helping children with low mental capacity, delay in growth, another particular issues, the service also helps adults who have been in an accident or any other type of sickness causing dependency in their physical adaptation.


MUREBWAYIRE Epiphanie, RMH occupational therapist explained that the services they provide intend to give independency to patients so they can be less of a burden to their family members by helping them be able to do routine chores themselves such as bathing, wearing clothes, going to the toilet, eating etc. patients who were working also are helped to enable them to go back to their work or help them find


They work in the school for getting ideas from teachers be near the student meet the problem we have talked to show how you can give the care in the student it can help to follow very well.


In Rwanda there are two doctors in occupational therapy but university of Rwanda opened this faculty/department now sixteen students they have been finished in occupational therapy, it has to help the people who want the treatment in different parts of the country, they will support them.


We also go on the field in schools to help teachers understand children with disability issues so they can help them to adapt in school environment and perform better, Epiphanie noted.


She added that since the service has been introduced they are happy with patients they have managed to help to become more independent and families they have strengthened by reducing the burden of disability that can affect a family negatively.

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